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Weston's Issues

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Responsible Growth 
The impact of tens of thousands of new residents, hundreds of new businesses and millions of square feet of retail is hard to gauge, but our community and local officials have worked together to make this growth something great for our district.  With more and more people moving to our district, it is important that we are able to fall back on our experience of expansion, and take advantage of the great economic opportunity that comes along with expansion.


Solar Power

This past legislative session, I co-sponsored the Solar Bill which would allow residents to use solar power to cut down on the already high electric bills that our residents have to pay.  Unfortunately, this bill did not pass, but we have learned from our previous attempt and are ready to push this bill through this next legislative session.  Solar power has helped create 3,000-5,000 jobs across the state, and it provides a clean alternative source of power.  The V.C. Summer debacle was an embarrassment, and forced the rate payers to pay even more than our already record high power bills.  This alternate source of power will allow the resident to save money, while helping maintain and preserve our great community and shore line.



With large growth, we need to make sure that we have an infrastructure in place to accommodate our growth.  We need to make sure that our highway systems and roads are safe, and that our tax money is being spent honestly and efficiently. 



Government Efficiency

We must make government more efficient.  There are many parts of our government system that are just get in the way, and it is time that we quite wasting the tax-payer’s dollar on bureaucracy.  We need to start spending our money more wisely, and we need to have an effective, balanced budget that benefits the people of South Carolina.

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